What the San Francisco 49ers Can Learn From the Vegas Golden Knights

The San Francisco 49ers had their hearts torn after Super Bowl 58. Here's what they must do by learning from the defending Stanley Cup champs.

Minnesota Wild v Vegas Golden Knights
Minnesota Wild v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Believe me when I say I'm not fond of writing this article. The San Francisco 49ers had a chance to win Super Bowl 58, only to fall short in overtime against the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a rough game to watch, having your soul ripped out of your chest like Johnny Cage pulled it out.

But that's where we stand. Finger pointing and injuries did the team in, leaving Patrick Mahomes with another Lombardi trophy. But never fear! The Vegas Golden Knights are here and they've been through the same crap!

The defending Stanley Cup champs have a crash course on handling everything, from sticking together through tough times to handling superstars and franchises that East Coast networks go gaga over! Take notes, 49ers, because the Vegas Golden Knights are giving you a lesson on handling the pressure!