What Does Lukas Cormier Bring to the Table?

In the latest wave of injuries, the Vegas Golden Knights brought a rookie defenseman on board. That rookie is none other than Lukas Cormier. Here's what he brings to the table.
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3. What Are Lukas Cormier's Weaknesses?

Ryan Carpenter, Lukas Cormier
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Coming in at 5'10" and 180 lbs, Cormier isn't exactly the biggest defenseman you'll find. The Canadian star has to rely on his speed and finesse to be a reliable asset. Otherwise, he'll get pushed around easily.

With that diminutive size comes another problem: being able to defend against the NHL's best forwards. When defending against megastars like Leon Draisaitl and Auston Matthews, you'll need every pound and inch you can spare.

On top of that, the Vegas Golden Knights aren't exactly a small team. Currently, the Knights are tied for being the fourth-largest team in the NHL (73.9 inches on average) and are the heaviest team (206.9 lbs on average). Bruce Cassidy emphasizes using your body on defense to generate pressure, something that might be tough for Cormier.

Lukas Cormier will need to hit the gym and get his bench press going if he wants to take the next step. That way, he won't be pushed around by his opponents as much. Luckily, the former 68th overall pick is just a rookie, so he has plenty of time.

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