What Does Lukas Cormier Bring to the Table?

In the latest wave of injuries, the Vegas Golden Knights brought a rookie defenseman on board. That rookie is none other than Lukas Cormier. Here's what he brings to the table.
Florida Panthers v Vegas Golden Knights
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2. What Are Lukas Cormier's Strengths?

Grigori Denisenko, Lukas Cormier
Florida Panthers v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

First, let's give Lukas Cormier his flowers. He has tremendous skating ability, making him an asset during transition. His quickness can create turnovers on the forecheck, making him a massive threat.

Cormier can also move the puck up and down the ice effortlessly. He displays plenty of offensive skills, whether it's his passing ability or his command of the power play. Watch how he reads the Islanders defense on Eichel's second goal. A player with that hockey IQ is vital for a team's success.

Having a multi-faceted defenseman isn't just huge for a hockey team; it's becoming the norm in today's NHL. Quinn Hughes is becoming a viable Hart Trophy candidate and Erik Karlsson has carved out a niche as such a defenseman. The Golden Knights draft pick has the potential to do the same.