Wednesday Knight Wisdom: Vegas Golden Knights Playoff Edition

The playoffs are in full swing! Here are your Wednesday tidbits and what's happening in the NHL.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game One
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game One / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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2. Did Any Former Vegas Golden Knights Score?

Unfortunately, no former Vegas Golden Knights scored a goal tonight, leaving fans without anything to secretly cheer for. However, a good Game 2 victory against the top team in the Western Conference easily overrides that sadness. It's on to Game 3 for the Golden Knights, with the Fortress awaiting the Dallas Stars.

However, the sworn enemy of former Golden Knight, Ryan Reaves, scored on Tuesday. Tom Wilson added a goal for the Washington Capitals, making Game 2 a close contest. However, it was the New York Rangers that overwhelmed the underwhelming Capitals, 4-3, giving them a commanding 2-0 lead.

If Golden Knights fans wanted to go a step further, their Stanley Cup foe from last season is also up 2-0. The Florida Panthers, behind Matthew Tkachuk's goal and two assists (along with some acrobatics from Sergei Bobrovsky), are in cruise control against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

So what are the Tampa Bay Lightning to do against last year's Eastern Conference champions? It seems the Lightning aren't getting any younger, with a new, younger Florida team taking the Sunshine State throne. In fact, the Atlantic Division's getting tougher with newcomers like the Detroit Red Wings and Buffalo Sabres hitting the scene. If last year's run was any indication, the Panthers (along with their rats) are here to stay, while Tampa Bay is on their way out.