Wednesday "Knight" wisdom featuring a (late-round) draft prospect Gavin Hodnett

Sometimes, the best players come in the later rounds. That could be the case for Gavin Hodnett, who could fall to the Vegas Golden Knights.
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The verdict on Gavin Hodnett

Once upon a time, there was a former Florida Panthers star who was selected by the Vegas Golden Knights in the 2017 Expansion Draft. He became a productive scorer and found his niche, even winning a Conn Smythe for his troubles. Mind you, that star was undrafted and scored 42 goals last season.

For Gavin Hodnett, he has a similar opportunity. His well-rounded game and defensive capabilities make him a good fit for any team if he's developed properly. That includes the Vegas Golden Knights, who are familiar with the aforementioned former Conn Smythe winner's accomplishments.

Granted, there's a good reason he's projected to be at the back end of the draft. Being severely undersized puts a handicap on what teams can do with such a player. Can this player be a sniper? Is he a playmaker? That's one of many questions prospecting NHL teams will have when the NHL Draft comes. However, having the right team to work with Hodnett can mold him into a productive star with a role at the bottom of the lineup.