Wednesday "Knight" wisdom featuring a (late-round) draft prospect Gavin Hodnett

Sometimes, the best players come in the later rounds. That could be the case for Gavin Hodnett, who could fall to the Vegas Golden Knights.
Moose Jaw Warriors v Edmonton Oil Kings
Moose Jaw Warriors v Edmonton Oil Kings / Jonathan Kozub/GettyImages
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How Gavin Hodnett fits within the Vegas Golden Knights

Don't let the short height fool you. Gavin Hodnett was a bright spot on an unimpressive Oil Kings team. In fact, he was the team leader in assists (47) and points (70) this season. With Edmonton earning 58 points and finishing near the bottom of the WHL's Eastern Conference in 2023-24, it leaves one to wonder what the Winnipeg native could do with a better roster.

The center also has good speed and agility, which add to his offensive talent. He's an elusive player who can slip by defenders and go for a nice scoring chance. What's more is he an excellent finisher, making him a potent threat with the puck. He even has a nice defensive game to his repertoire, adding more value to his work.

Of course, the size will be a sticking point for any team looking to draft him. The Oil Kings star needs to grow to be more useful, for his 159-pound frame won't provide much usefulness in the NHL. There's also a matter of scoring regularly, where he doesn't go on a cold streak for a stretch of games.

Still, the center can thrive with a few minor adjustments. Whether it's learning to be a more consistent player or adding to his frame, he can become a late-round steal for any team. For the Golden Knights, that could also mean they get a similar player to one of their beloved "Original Misfits".