Viewing Party Experience At... Henderson

We're taking a look at another viewing party! This time, it's in Henderson, the city south of Las Vegas. How was the experience in the Water District?

Vegas Golden Knights v San Jose Sharks
Vegas Golden Knights v San Jose Sharks / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Vegas Golden Knights hosted another watch party for their team's road game. The venue this time? Henderson Water District, where the America First Center is. For the Golden Knights, this is a common location for such watch parties. For me, it was a good time to... get my feet wet.

The game in question? A road trip to Ottawa, where the Senators were waiting. The Vegas Golden Knights jumped to a 2-0 lead before the Sens crawled back for a 3-2 lead. A late Chandler Stephenson goal got Vegas the point, but the Knights didn't get the other point in the shootout. As a result, they lost 4-3.

Still, it was a great time where there were plenty of Golden Knights fans. With the experience all set, here's how I enjoyed my time and made a splash.

Pre-Game Festivities

So the first stop was Mackenzie River, which was an AHL-centric eatery. Of course, it was a given considering Henderson is the home of the Silver Knights. Still, Mackenzie River had a couple of viewing areas where you could watch the Golden Knights U16 team take on the competition.

As for the grub? I had a veggie wrap with blue tortilla chips, sans red onions. The veggie wrap was more flavorful than I thought, with a nice pesto added to the wrap. The tortilla chips had the right amount of salt and came with a spicy salsa. The salsa itself slapped.

Mackenzie River was a part of the America First Center, which also had a team store called "The Livery." Here, they sold Vegas Golden Knights gear, along with Henderson Silver Knights gear. You're getting the best of both worlds when shopping here.

The Viewing Experience

The viewing experience itself was cool. In the background, you had the upscale part of Henderson nearby, with a tattoo shop not far from the viewing experience.

There were chairs at the viewing party, but they were a tad uncomfortable. Luckily, there were stone benches with some wooden panels behind. You could sit down and get comfortable without any complications.

Of course, no viewing party would be complete without Chance and the Vegas Vivas. They made their appearance and took pictures with adoring fans before leaving during the second period.

Overall, the experience was fun, despite the Vegas Golden Knights losing. It was good to see a part of the Henderson Silver Knights in the community. It was also nice to check out a nicer part of Henderson, where you could take you and your family to see the Golden Knights. The next viewing party is on March 28 against Winnipeg, so don't miss out!