Vegas, We Have A Problem: Reducing The Giveaways And More

While the Golden Knights are resting atop the NHL perch, that doesn't mean they're a perfect team. Here's what they need to fix to repeat as Stanley Cup champs.
Vegas Golden Knights v Carolina Hurricanes
Vegas Golden Knights v Carolina Hurricanes / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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1. No More Free Giveaways

Rasmus Dahlin, Paul Cotter
Vegas Golden Knights v Buffalo Sabres / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages

Nobody likes giving up the puck, especially when you're in a groove in your offensive zone. However, that's what's happened to the Golden Knights this year. Currently, they're tied for 13th in the NHL with 247 giveaways. While this isn't awful, it is an alarming trend that hurts Bruce Cassidy's strategy.

It also takes away from your scoring chances and wears you down later on. The Golden Knights can't afford to get trapped in doing laps around the ice rink. After all, a part of Vegas's strategy is to generate pressure on the defensive end.

Remedying this starts with slowing down the pace of play. Of course, it doesn't have to be at a snail's pace. However, you don't want to skate first and ask questions later. Otherwise, you're the other team's Santa Claus that's giving away pucks for free.