Top Three Reasons Why the Vegas Golden Knights Won't Win the First Round

While the Vegas Golden Knights are loaded up for a playoff run, here's why they won't make it out of the first round.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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2. The Vegas Golden Knights Do Have Some Holes Defensively

Leo Carlsson, Shea Theodore
Anaheim Ducks v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The Vegas Golden Knights aren't perfect defensively, either. One major flaw that's stood out for the Golden Knights has been the number of shots allowed (13th in the NHL with 2,487). The inability to close gaps and play back has hurt the Golden Knights at times, leaving them vulnerable.

Granted, injuries have played a factor in this. Losing stars like Alex Pietrangelo and Shea Theodore for extended periods of time can devastate a team. However, the Golden Knights can't be complacent against the Stars. Otherwise, Dallas will push the puck up the ice at will.