Top 3 wingers the Vegas Golden Knights must draft

It's no secret the Vegas Golden Knights need offensive help in the NHL Draft. Here are three great options on the wing that can help them.
Kingston Frontenacs v Windsor Spitfires
Kingston Frontenacs v Windsor Spitfires / Dennis Pajot/GettyImages
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Trevor Connelly, LW/Tri-City Storm

Liam Greentree didn't have any controversy behind him compared to Trevor Connelly. However, The Tri-City Storm star still has a valuable skill set that should attract attention. One positive is he's a threat in space, creating plays and fooling defenders. It doesn't matter how little space Connelly has in front of him, for he'll cut through and rush towards the net anyway.

NHL scouts will sour on the drama surrounding Connelly's past. Teams don't want their reputations soiled by a player's singular actions, whether it's inappropriate signage or using racial slurs. That's especially true today, where one singular misquote can anger thousands of people. That makes franchises nervous since it could hurt them in the future.

However, Connelly states he's made peace with his past and has evolved. Whether he's grown from his past discretions or not remains to be seen. But this gamble can deliver a large return, especially with the Vegas Golden Knights needing more good prospects in their farm system. That's part of why the Tri-City Storm forward is projected to land with Vegas on many mock drafts. He might be a good alternative to Liam Greentree if the Windsor star goes off the board.