Top 3 defensemen the Vegas Golden Knights must draft

The Vegas Golden Knights might be focused on replenishing its forward depth. However, the NHL Draft also offers the opportunity at the defenseman position.
Great Britain v Norway - 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Czechia
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Stian Solberg, Valerenga

Speaking of Stian Solberg, the Valerenga defenseman has been all the rage in recent mock drafts. The Swedish prospect is becoming well-known for hitting opponents on the ice. But he isn't just laying hits on hapless players. He's crushing them, making it his trademark as an NHL Draft prospect.

He finishes his checks along the board and can rattle players in the middle of the ice. Standing at 6'2" and weighing 194 lbs., he can do this regularly. Like Spencer Gill, there's always room to add more bulk to his frame and make him even more frightening. However, he's an old-school defenseman who can become a reliable asset on any forecheck.

Scott Stevens made his living as a punishing defenseman himself, earning him the nickname, "Captain Crunch." It's part of why the New Jersey Devils won three Stanley Cups in their heyday, with Martin Brodeur playing a significant role, too. Stian Solberg has the potential to become a similar player, building his brand by crushing any unfortunate opponents heading his way.