Three Takeaways From Game 2 for the Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights took a commanding 2-0 lead against the Dallas Stars. But what are the three main takeaways from their big victory?
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Two
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Two / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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Some things in life aren't meant to be easy. Whether it's taking that big test at school or defending the Stanley Cup, life is meant to test the average person's mettle almost every day. Even something as simple as a traffic jam can break a person. For the Vegas Golden Knights, this has been the story all season.

While the defending champions got off to a scorching 11-0-1 start, they've endured numerous ups and downs throughout the season, whether it's losing key players like Jack Eichel or simply losing games, the Golden Knights have dealt with almost every kind of adversity a team could name.

Yet, here they are, holding a commanding 2-0 series lead over the Dallas Stars. With a decisive 3-1 victory over the Western Conference's best regular season team, it showcased what a loaded Golden Knights roster can do. It doesn't matter if they get 15 shots on goal or 26; the Vegas Golden Knights are ready for their title defense.

Granted, it hasn't been that easy in the series. With the Stars keeping up the pressure in Game 1, it felt like the dam was about to burst. However, the Golden Knights kept their composure, persevering for the first series's first victory.

But they were faced with this same situation again in Game 2. Jake Oettinger gets pulled for the extra skater with just under three minutes left and Dallas is on the attack again. Only this time, it ends with Jack Eichel getting the feed from Jonathan Marchessault for the empty net goal. Sometimes, it feels like time is in a constant loop.

With Vegas's huge Game 2 victory, here are three big takeaways from their decisive victory. Who stood out for the Vegas Golden Knights? What are some things the Golden Knights should watch for as they head back to the fortress?