The Vegas Golden Knights as... Avengers

It's the Fourth of July, which means it's time to have some patriotic, superhero-like fun. Which Golden Knights are similar to the Avengers?
Vegas Golden Knights Victory Parade And Rally
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Brendan Brisson as... Spider-Man

Some notable Vegas Golden Knights resemble the Avengers, including Jack Eichel and Mark Stone. Everyone in Las Vegas recognizes these superstars for their contributions on the ice. However, there's one notable player who doesn't get enough love. His name is Brendan Brisson.

Brisson might not hail from New York like Peter Parker, nor is he a Mets fan (Brisson is from Manhattan Beach, California). However, the former first-round pick does have a fast style. Like Spider-Man, who slings webs around Manhattan to travel, the former Michigan Wolverine traverses around the ice, making plays.

He scored 39 goals and 44 assists in three seasons with the Henderson Silver Knights, showing promise in his development. Before that, he spent two seasons with the University of Michigan, scoring 31 goals and 32 assists. Brendan Brisson has displayed confidence in his abilities, similar to how the web-slinger does facing off against the Green Goblin.