The Vegas Golden Knights as... Avengers

It's the Fourth of July, which means it's time to have some patriotic, superhero-like fun. Which Golden Knights are similar to the Avengers?
Vegas Golden Knights Victory Parade And Rally
Vegas Golden Knights Victory Parade And Rally / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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William Karlsson as... Thor

Thor was based off Norse mythology, where the superhero protected Asgard and planet Earth, A.K.A. Midgard. The god was a hammer-wielding legend, fighting enemies with lightning, thunder, and other elements. William Karlsson does the same thing on the ice, using whatever elements of his game to kill off penalties.

In fact, he's extremely proficient on special teams altogether. Karlsson has his own Mjolnir, scoring 73 points on the power play (28 goals, 45 assists). On short-handed plays, the Swedish forward has scored 12 goals and 11 assists, making him one of the most potent threats on the penalty kill.

There's a good reason why Kelly McCrimmon has held onto Karlsson since the inaugural season. He's great on special teams and can score at any time. Like Thor, he's an overpowering player who can save the day with his multiversed offense. That's why there's more to Karlsson than just being similar to Chris Hemsworth. He's a superhero who has a Mjolnir for a hockey stick.