The Vegas Golden Knights as... Avengers

It's the Fourth of July, which means it's time to have some patriotic, superhero-like fun. Which Golden Knights are similar to the Avengers?
Vegas Golden Knights Victory Parade And Rally
Vegas Golden Knights Victory Parade And Rally / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Mark Stone as... Iron Man

Mark Stone is one of the most ingenious hockey players on the ice. He creates plays and can go the full 200 feet, making him one of the most important Vegas Golden Knights around. It fits him well, for Tony Stark was an intelligent superhero that made the most of his resources.

While Stark did have plenty of resources, Stone should also have some to build himself an armored hockey suit. Perhaps it can protect him and his spleen from incoming players? Who knows? It might keep him off the injured list and make him tough to beat. He'd be a nightmare for opposing hockey players since they can't get to his spleen.

Still, Stone has proven he doesn't need a metal suit to be an efficient hockey player. He's scored 245 points since 2019-20 (84 goals, 161 assists) and has shown versatility on the top lines. On top of that, he's also been a valuable power play asset, scoring 22 goals and 41 assists on the man advantage.

Mark Stone is one of the more underrated NHL players, providing sound leadership in perilous times. He's shown he can be the voice of reason when threats arise, similar to Iron Man. He deserves this honor since he's much more prized than the average hockey fan would think.