The Three Things That Must Change for the Golden Knights After the All-Star Break

The Vegas Golden Knights are heading into the All-Star Break flaming-hot. But that doesn't mean they're perfect. What must the Golden Knights do to stay a threat?
Vegas Golden Knights v New York Rangers
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2. Getting More from Zach Whitecloud

Zach Whitecloud
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Zach Whitecloud has the potential to become a Golden Knights mainstay. He has the character, poise, and leadership to establish himself in Sin City hockey for a long time. However, he's not having the best of seasons on the third defensive unit.

He has nine takeaways this season, with seven of those coming on the defensive end. Compare that to 24 takeaways last season, which was a career-high. You're not going to expect Whitecloud to be an offensive factor like Quinn Hughes is now. But you'd want him to have more of a presence on the forecheck.

The defenseman also hasn't done much with creating rebounds, only making four this season. Granted, he's dealt with upper-body injuries a couple of times this season. But it's safe to say the Brandon native has become an anonymous figure in Vegas with his down season.

Still, injuries have taken numerous Knights out of commission, with Whitecloud being no exception. After all, he's only played 33 games this season. But the defenseman can become a household name again if he heals up and gets back to being a physical force.