The Three Biggest Home Run Signings in Golden Knights History

Opening Day is just around the corner, so let's look at the biggest home run signings by the Vegas Golden Knights in their storied history.
Vegas Golden Knights v Columbus Blue Jackets
Vegas Golden Knights v Columbus Blue Jackets / Jason Mowry/GettyImages
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The Vegas Golden Knights are a unique team in that they acquire many players via trade. That's how Mark Stone, Jack Eichel, and Noah Hanifin came on board, after all. When general manager Kelly McCrimmon wants a player, he'll swing a deal.

But there have also been "home run" signings in Golden Knights history. Whether it's a lockdown defenseman or a goal-scoring forward, Vegas knows how to "hit it out of the park." Granted, there are some signings that the Golden Knights "strike out" on. However, the Golden Knights are masters at "batting 1.000" in the free agency market.

In case you're wondering why these baseball terms are being used, it's because Opening Day is a couple of days away. With the Oakland A's on their way to Las Vegas (supposedly), it's time to see where the Vegas Golden Knights hit their home runs. Now, let's play ball!