The three best brawlers in Vegas Golden Knights history

Wrestlemania starts today, which means it's time to honor the best fighters in Vegas Golden Knights history.
Montreal Canadiens v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Two
Montreal Canadiens v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Two / Sam Morris/GettyImages
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1. Ryan Reaves

Jonny Murray, Ryan Reaves
Washington Capitals v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

No list of Golden Knights fighters is complete without Ryan Reaves. The Canadian brawler was well-known for taking down a foe or two. In fact, he's got a laundry list of hockey fights, including Pat Maroon.

Urban legend has it that Reaves had over 75 fights in his NHL career heading into the Matt Rempe fight. He's never been a player to shy away from his opponents, making him a threat on the ice. That's what made him unique on the Vegas Golden Knights.

Nowadays, he's taking on monsters like Rempe, even taking them to school. It's safe to say Reaves has still got it, landing some brutal blows to his opponents.