The one former Vegas Golden Knights star that should come back

This year's free agency class is stacked with talent. But there's one player that can help the Vegas Golden Knights go further.
2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five
2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Everyone loves a good reunion. It brings back fond memories of a particular thing and hits us right in the feels, bringing a big ol' smile to our faces. For some people, such reunions aren't the ones that are expected by the public. Sometimes, they come as cheaper alternatives meant to be team-friendly.

But could that be the case with David Perron, a player who helped the Vegas Golden Knights reach the Stanley Cup Finals in their first season? This season, Perron helped the Detroit Red Wings get within a hair of the playoffs, scoring 17 goals and adding 30 assists. He also chipped in seven goals and 10 assists on the power play, making him valuable to Detroit's offensive plan.

While some will say the Quebec native is familiar with the team, that actually isn't the case. Numerous pieces have moved on from the miracle group of 2017-18, including Marc-Andre Fleury and Reilly Smith. Even the head coach, Gerard Gallant, is gone, being replaced by a more reasonable coach in Bruce Cassidy. How reasonable, you ask? Cassidy brought them a Stanley Cup in his first season in Sin City.

But let's examine if Perron could have the same success in the current regime. What could be the attributes that he could bring to the club that they've missed from the start? What are some reasons why Vegas should consider avoiding this deal? These are some questions that bring mystique and intrigue to a potential contract, so let's dive in.

Breaking Down David Perron

David Perron is best known for his time with the St. Louis Blues. In the "Arch City," "French Toast" (yes, that's his nickname) had 196 goals and 269 assists in 11 seasons. That includes 55 goals and 95 assists on the power play. He's well-known for being a solid distributor, bringing his experienced offensive acumen to any team he plays for.

But he isn't just known for his offensive tendencies. The Quebec native is also known for being physical, laying out 1,403 hits throughout his 17-year NHL career. For a player who's 6'0" and 195 lbs., laying out players without any remorse is a major plus. It's something that's revered among the current Vegas Golden Knights group; it's either hitting people or blocking shots and taking away shooting lanes.

As far as playing for Vegas, he played in the inaugural season (2017-18), netting 16 goals and 50 assists (franchise-high). 17 of those assists came on the power play, so it wouldn't be surprising to see Perron back on special teams. That's especially true for a belegeaured unit that's needed some juice since its inception.

Some pratfalls with bringing Perron back

One issue is obviously going to be David Perron's age. He's turning 36 at the end of May (his birthday is on May 28), so it would be reasonable to see him come back on a one-year deal. The issues commonly associated with bringing in older players include being more prone to injuries and diminished play.

While the nostalgia kick sounds nice on paper, it won't bring much other than forward depth and fun memories of the magical inaugural season run. Also, there could be a possibility he re-signs with the Red Wings, where they poach some forward depth of their own. That's especially true after he stated his intent to stay in Detroit.

Still, the Vegas Golden Knights need forward depth on the free agency market. That's especially true with their current salary cap situation, which has proven unforgiving. Why not bring back a player from the first run to the Stanley Cup Finals and have some of the magic back? Who knows, he might just fit in with the current team like he did when they started in the NHL.