The Oakland Athletics and how not to run a franchise, featuring the Golden Knights

The Oakland Athletics aren't making any friends in the sports world. Here's what they can learn from the Vegas Golden Knights.
Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics
Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics / Jason O. Watson/GettyImages
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Improving the fan experience

Fans want to be treated to an authentic experience at every sporting event they attend. Whether it's getting a pre-game show with theatrical production value or an awesome hype-up video, people love being entertained. That's been the business for the Vegas Golden Knights since their inception, bringing a mini-live show before every hockey game.

In turn, it's made Lee Orchard a beloved figure in the community. It also turned the Golden Knights into a must-see spectacle, with fans filling T-Mobile Arena every game. That's to the tune of 103.6% capacity, the second-highest in the NHL this season.

It isn't just the pre-game festivities that make Vegas a sports attraction. It's also the team itself, with beloved figures such as Jonathan Marchessault and Mark Stone. It's the Battle for Vegas, an annual event that pits the Las Vegas hockey team against the Raiders.

While the Oakland Athletics have made some strides to build goodwill in the community, it also means improving the team and making a conscious effort to entertain and give back (and win). No more pocketing the money off a front office gimmick. It's time for John Fisher and company to spend money or sell the team.