The Oakland Athletics and how not to run a franchise, featuring the Golden Knights

The Oakland Athletics aren't making any friends in the sports world. Here's what they can learn from the Vegas Golden Knights.
Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics
Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics / Jason O. Watson/GettyImages
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Teaching the Oakland Athletics about basic operations

T-Mobile Arena is more than a privately funded space for the Vegas Golden Knights. It's also the home of numerous UFC events, where Dana White has established the venue as the promotion's de facto home. The success has been overwhelming, with the upcoming UFC 303 event shattering gate records.

Even the Raiders have relished in Allegiant Stadium's success, with the Super Bowl being the most recent home run. Overall, the event's build-up brought in fan interest across the globe, with Mark Davis and the NFL teaming up to bring a memorable showcase. In short, it led to the highest-rated Super Bowl in the NFL's history.

Meanwhile, John Fisher barely touched the Oakland Coliseum in recent years. That has resulted in numerous problems, including sewage issues and malfunctioning lights. These faults span over a decade, with the owner finding any excuse not to fix the timeless stadium.

The Golden Knights can teach Fisher about making their new facility a top-notch event hub. That includes having a sleek design and providing timely upgrades to various issues. Las Vegas citizens want the best for their city and go beyond just bringing bull riding events to the proposed venue.