The Key Thing to Watch In the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars Series

Key factors in the Golden Knights/Stars series loom. What is the big factor to watch for?
Chicago Blackhawks v Vegas Golden Knights
Chicago Blackhawks v Vegas Golden Knights / Candice Ward/GettyImages

For the Vegas Golden Knights, they have an overflow of talent on the roster. With numerous stars to choose from, they've emerged as a threat to repeat as the Stanley Cup champs. Life should be good, right?

Well, not everything is perfect in Sin City. There's one key factor that could determine if the Golden Knights advance or not. Such a factor also hinges on how Bruce Cassidy and company feel about the players and the series.

So what is the key factor that looms large? What could determine the outcome for the Golden Knights against the Stars? The answer might surprise you, for it doesn't involve Mark Stone or Pete DeBoer.

Who Starts Game 1 for the Vegas Golden Knights?

This is the biggest burning question for the Vegas Golden Knights heading into the series. Since February 12, Adin Hill has fallen hard, with a 5-10 record, a save percentage of .875, and a GA/G of 3.72. With Hill's recent struggles, the Golden Knights are now pressed with who should start.

Meanwhile, Logan Thompson has been stellar since that same date. The goaltender has posted a 9-4-1 record with a GA/G of 2.55 and a save percentage of .914. The stark contrast between the two goaltenders has been evident, with Thompson ascending to new levels.

Who Should Start?

If the Vegas Golden Knights want to go with the hot hand, it should be Thompson. The Calgary native has kept the Golden Knights afloat, making stellar saves and keeping up with the puck.

The other reason is on the other side. Adin Hill has allowed some soft goals since February 12, which has hurt Vegas. Take the first goal that the Colorado Avalanche scored last Sunday.

The Dallas Stars are a comparable team offensively to the Colorado Avalanche. They're loaded from top to bottom with goal-scorers, making them dangerous. After all, Pete DeBoer isn't afraid to let his team shoot.

If Hill lets a soft goal in, i.e. the Avalanche game, that will be a significant momentum killer. The Golden Knights can't afford that, which is why Thompson should be the smart play. Just look at his body of work against the New Jersey Devils.

Thompson is fighting for every puck, yet he's also making logical saves and getting back to basics. Need to ice the puck? No problem. Staying in his area? Easy. Thompson makes goaltending look easier for the Golden Knights, relying on simplicity to keep Vegas afloat. Therefore, the Vegas Golden Knights should look at this decision carefully and logically, looking for the hot hand.