The Golden Knights Are Getting Back to Basics

How are the Vegas Golden Knights back to winning games? They're getting back to their tried-and-true formula.

Seattle Kraken v Vegas Golden Knights
Seattle Kraken v Vegas Golden Knights / Candice Ward/GettyImages

Have the Vegas Golden Knights turned a corner? After slumping hard to the point where other teams like the St. Louis Blues entering the playoff discussion, the Golden Knights have won four of their last six.

How has the NHL's most controversial team turned around their fortunes? It's getting back to making life easier for the goaltender, taking away shooting lanes. This statement is specifically true for Logan Thompson, who's found new life in the crease for the Golden Knights.

The Less Shots, the Better

The Vegas Golden Knights have allowed 64 shots in their last three games, giving their goaltender(s) a chance to breathe. Through blocking shots (54 blocked shots in the past three games), Bruce Cassidy's getting his team to play back more.

Granted, there are moments where the Golden Knights shouldn't let their opponents have the middle of the ice. Such was the case against the Seattle Kraken on Thursday, where the Kraken started to generate pressure in the third period. That almost led to disaster before Keegan Kolesar saved the day, leading the Golden Knights to a 3-1 victory on Thursday.

However, they've gotten better on the forecheck, creating more offensive opportunities in transition. With 29 takeaways in the past three games, the Golden Knights are starting to get back to what won them a Stanley Cup.

The Vegas Golden Knights Found Their Scoring Depth

In turn, the Vegas Golden Knights are outshooting their opponents, 101-64 (!) in the past three games. Getting better at crunching your opponents has led to offensive opportunities for the Golden Knights. Players like Jack Eichel (three goals and three assists in his last five games) have benefited from this, giving new life to the Golden Knights.

Not long ago, the forward unit struggled, mainly from injuries and ice-cold players. Now the tide's turning, with Vegas getting more scoring chances. With the Golden Knights going back to basics, they're getting better on the offensive end.

Granted, there are some things that can change for the Golden Knights. For example, perhaps a goaltender adjustment can help. However, Vegas is trending in the right direction. With the new trade acquisitions and returning players, the Vegas Golden Knights can make a run before the Stanley Cup playoffs. Now that would be cool.