The Five Best Trades in Vegas Golden Knights History

The trade deadline is this Friday and teams are exploring quality moves. What were the five best moves in Vegas Golden Knights history?

Boston Bruins v Vegas Golden Knights
Boston Bruins v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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The NHL trade deadline is coming up on March 8, which means plenty of key players will join Stanley Cup contenders. They range from goalies that come to stop the bleeding for teams to forwards that add scoring. The Vegas Golden Knights have their fair share of excellent trades, which has given them plenty of success.

In fact, most of the following trades brought the Vegas Golden Knights their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. Whether it's getting a game-changing center the Golden Knights desperately needed or a bulky forward to accompany that same franchise center, Vegas isn't afraid to pull the trigger.

So which are the five best trades in Golden Knights history? Which moves made Golden Knights fans say, "boy, we wouldn't be successful if it wasn't for this?" Here are the top trades swung by Vegas in their team history.