The Case for Keeping Jonathan Marchessault AND Chandler Stephenson

Both Jonathan Marchessault and Chandler Stephenson are free agents next season. Here's why the Vegas Golden Knights should extend both stars.

Calgary Flames v Vegas Golden Knights
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1. Chandler Stephenson is Starting to Show His Form

Chandler Stephenson, Jan Rutta
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You know why the Golden Knights need to extend Jonathan Marchessault. He's played incredible hockey this season and has proven to be a versatile offensive talent. While the winger is 33 years old, he's playing at a higher clip, propelling Vegas to the playoffs.

But Chandler Stephenson has also proven his worth in the past month. For February, the center had five goals and five assists. He's a speedy scorer who can fly around the rink quickly. For example, he had a beautiful short-handed goal against the Boston Bruins on Thursday, pushing Vegas to nearly come back against Boston.

That's coincided with his improved playmaking and adaptability. He's able to play with anyone regardless of their age and experience, making him a solid offensive leader. The emergence of the Saskatoon native has prompted an interesting conversation about who the Golden Knights should keep.