The case against trading Logan Thompson

Teams are calling the Vegas Golden Knights about both Adin Hill and Logan Thompson. Here's why it shouldn't be Thompson that goes.
Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Four
Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Four / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Logan Thompson was better down the stretch

Although Logan Thompson had a December to forget (3.14 GAA, .887 save percentage), he rebounded nicely. In January, he had a GAA of 2.72 and a save percentage of .912. After February 7th, he became tough to beat, posting a GAA of 2.55 and a save percentage of .914. His complete turnaround impressed the fanbase, restoring faith in the goaltender.

Compare that to Adin Hill, who had a GAA of 3.61 and a save percentage of .877 during that same timeframe. Bruce Cassidy and the Vegas Golden Knights turned to Hill for his playoff experience after game five against the Dallas Stars. However, the Calgary native showed his worth during the postseason, with a GAA of 2.35 and a save percentage of .921 in four games. Of course, highlights like this help Thompson's case.

If a team goes 9-4-1 when one goaltender starts compared to 6-10 when the other does, what does that tell you? The data shows the first goalie is more reliable, specifically when they've done well since February 7. That's part of why Vegas should hold onto the 27-year-old. He's been a more consistent model down the stretch for the Vegas Golden Knights.