The case against trading Logan Thompson

Teams are calling the Vegas Golden Knights about both Adin Hill and Logan Thompson. Here's why it shouldn't be Thompson that goes.
Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Four
Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Four / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Adin Hill has been hurt more frequently

During the cold December and January months, the Vegas Golden Knights dealt with a wave of injuries. That led to rosters filled with Henderson Silver Knights, which made life harder for players like Logan Thompson. That's partly why the goaltender struggled during those colder months.

However, one of those injuries hit Adin Hill, with the goaltender suffering an injury on December 17 against the Ottawa Senators. It sidelined him for a month, leaving Vegas searching for healthy players. Those freezing months were trying times for the Golden Knights.

Granted, the 27-year-old goaltender has dealt with injuries of his own. Last season, he suffered two lower-body injuries, one of which kept him out of the Stanley Cup playoffs. However, he didn't miss too much time this season aside from an upper-body injury, where he quickly rebounded.

That's especially true with Hill being sidelined for a month after playing against Ottawa. While it took the Calgary native some time to get comfortable, he stepped in and took charge as the season progressed. This leads to the next point of production...