The case against trading Logan Thompson

Teams are calling the Vegas Golden Knights about both Adin Hill and Logan Thompson. Here's why it shouldn't be Thompson that goes.
Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Four
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Vegas Golden Knights fans were treated to interesting news on Sunday. NHL teams have called the organization about the availability of either Adin Hill or Logan Thompson. Both are heading into the last years of their respective contracts next season, with the team facing a major question at the position.

But one of these goalies has been tied to many trade rumors, specifically regarding a Toronto Maple Leafs star. Thompson has been packaged with Shea Theodore in some deals, where Vegas would acquire one of the members of the "Core Four." It adds more uncertainty to the upcoming offseason, where the team has questions about re-signing a treasured "Misfit."

But let's go back to Thompson for a second since he's at the center of some trade packages. If the Golden Knights are truly all-in on acquiring Mitch Marner, it probably won't be a one-year rental. Talented players like that aren't simply acquired for one-year deals, even if they're inconsistent in the playoffs. But there are also questions with Jonathan Marchessault that should also be answered.

If re-signing the beloved "Misfit" is the team's top priority, they must clear as much cap space as possible. Theodore is a name commonly associated with such rumors and with good reason. He has a cap hit of $5.2 million next season, which will be the last year of his deal.

Therefore, it begs the question of whether Theodore and the goaltender would be sufficient pieces for a trade. More importantly, why Logan Thompson? Why aren't the Vegas Golden Knights looking to send off Adin Hill as an alternative? The Golden Knights have plenty of incentive to trade the Calgary native. However, here are some reasons why they shouldn't send him off.

Logan Thompson has a smaller cap hit than Adin Hill

The Vegas Golden Knights are hard-pressed to find any cap space right now. Even with the LTIR, it makes it tough for the team to retain key members, let alone other pending free agents. So what good does it do to trade the player with the smaller cap hit? That's the case with Logan Thompson, who carries a significantly smaller hit than Adin Hill.

How much smaller does Thompson have regarding the cap hit? The Calgary native's hit is set at $766,667, while Hill will account for $4.9 million. Yes, the 28-year-old does have a five-team no-trade clause on his current deal. That'll complicate matters regarding getting a deal done.

However, when a team's trying to make room in the salary cap, they should move the more expensive pieces. That's especially true when one player has a significantly larger hit than the other, which is the case here. Thompson has a case for staying in Las Vegas compared to his fellow goaltender just with the salary cap alone. Keeping him would be a cheaper alternative, especially with a team without much space.