The 5 Best Marc-Andre Fleury Moments With the Vegas Golden Knights

Marc-Andre Fleury returns to Las Vegas for what might be one last matchup against the Golden Knights. Here are the five best moments of Flower with Vegas.
Montreal Canadiens v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Five
Montreal Canadiens v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Five / Sam Morris/GettyImages
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Marc-Andre Fleury is an interesting player. He's had legendary tenures with two different teams: the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Vegas Golden Knights. On one hand, the goaltender was an underrated asset on a Penguins team that won three Stanley Cups. On the other, he won the Vezina trophy and made an All-Star appearance with the Golden Knights.

Monday will mark what might be his final appearance at T-Mobile Arena, where the 39-year-old helped build the hockey atmosphere in Vegas. If he does play, the Vegas Golden Knights crowd should give him a rousing ovation for his tenure. After all, Flower did create a legacy in Sin City.

To honor Marc-Andre Fleury's legendary tenure in Las Vegas, let's highlight the five best moments during his time here. We'll look at the goaltender's achievements and moments that made Golden Knight fans go crazy. It's time to give the man *puts on sunglasses*... his flowers.