The 3 best non first-round NHL Draft steals on the Golden Knights

While the Vegas Golden Knights aren't known for developing their own first-round draft picks, they do have some late-round steals. Here are the three best.
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Paul Cotter: 2018 fourth-round pick (115th overall)

Nicolas Hague isn't the only physical player on this list. Paul Cotter also has some bite to his game, delivering 401 hits in his last two seasons. He's become a key member of the grinding line, putting in quality shifts while finishing his checks. He's also developing and improving every time he plays, including his offensive abilities.

In 2023-24, Cotter had 18 assists, with 12 of those being primary. He's also getting better with his shot, with his expected goals sitting at 12.2 and on-ice expected goals % at 54.5%. Although he can stand to shoot more accurately (35.1% of unblocked shots that missed the net, 7.1% more than expected), he's grown from the raw offensive talent he was when he was an NHL Draft prospect.

Still, Paul Cotter has the potential to be a solid contributor on the fourth line, playing better away from the puck. It's part of why the Vegas Golden Knights held onto him, for he brings a physical element like Nicolas Hague. Eventually, the native of Canton, Michigan, will start finding the net with more development, where Vegas will be glad they held onto him.