The 3 best foods eaten out of the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup has had lots of delicious foods eaten out of it. Here are the three best items (with a former Vegas Golden Knights player's most famous snack).
Vegas Golden Knights Victory Parade And Rally
Vegas Golden Knights Victory Parade And Rally / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Eating cereal from the Stanley Cup

One Stanley Cup tradition stands tall above the rest, though. One which has basically become an annual occurrence. That would be eating cereal from the prize. There are many reasons why this makes so much sense. Who wouldn't want to indulge in sugary goodness for breakfast?

Plus, there have been numerous players to partake in this ritual. Brad Marchand, Pat Maroon, and Vince Dunn are some names that have poured out a bowl and dug their spoons in. In fact, Florida Panthers star Sam Bennett plans on indulging in this tradition with his father. Quality time spent by an NHL star!

Alex Pietrangelo did this with his family in 2022-23. After the Vegas Golden Knights won their first championship, the defenseman took the Cup and spent quality time with his wife and three children by eating cereal. Hockey's a game steeped in deep tradition and lore. Eating breakfast from the most coveted prize in sports is certainly one of the most underrated.