Sunday thoughts about... free agency

Vegas Golden Knights fans are nervous about tomorrow's start of free agency. Are their fears valid?
Anaheim Ducks v Vegas Golden Knights
Anaheim Ducks v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Ever had a sleepless night where you're worrying about a big event? That can range from lab results for a potential diagnosis to a big job interview. Such events can cause undeniable stress among regular people, including Vegas Golden Knights fans. Why? Tomorrow's the start of free agency and Jonathan Marchessault still doesn't have a new contract. Kelly McCrimmon has work to do.

Fans have clamored for the Golden Knights to re-sign the "Golden Misfit," especially after his productive 42-goal season in 2023-24. There are many reasons why he should stay on the team. For example, he's grown into a deadly sniper, pulling off incredible shots from the wing. With Vegas's forward depth in question, the former Conn Smythe winner can be a reliable offensive piece.

There's also the community angle, where he's become an essential piece of Las Vegas. Marchessault has done notable work around the area, including the Battle for Vegas. He's become the unequivocal family member not related by blood. Without No. 81, the team doesn't have their soul.

So it's easy to understand why many Vegas Golden Knights fans are nervous. It'd be equal to losing a sibling or parent, where it leaves a void in one's heart. Therefore, July 1st is a huge day in Vegas hockey history, which will dictate the franchise's direction. Will it be good news or will it be awful?

Other Vegas Golden Knights thoughts for the work week

The good news this past weekend is the Golden Knights were productive. They got a steal of a deal by trading Paul Cotter and a 2025 third-round pick to the New Jersey Devils. In return, they got Alexander Holtz and Akira Schmid, bringing younger pieces on board.

Logan Thompson was also on the way out, going to the Washington Capitals for a 2024 third-round pick and a 2025 third-round pick. This year's third-round pick was used on Belarusian goaltender Pavel Moysevich, who was a brick wall in the KHL. Fans might like the Cotter deal more than the other. However, adding a 6'5" goaltender with a GAA of 1.25 last season is nothing to scoff at.

Will Jonathan Marchessault leave?

The word on the street is that negotiations with Jonathan Marchessault have been a grind. While it's good Kelly McCrimmon's had an open dialogue with the former Conn Smythe winner, a lack of progress before free agency is a troubling sign.

Still, anything can happen and McCrimmon has made it work before. Just look at last year, when Ivan Barbashev was set to leave for a different team. Lo and behold, he gets a five-year, $25 million deal, keeping him in Las Vegas.

That could also happen with Marchessault, who might get a deal done before the start of free agency. But it should be wise to trust Kelly McCrimmon here. If things don't work out between both parties, plenty of viable wingers can fill the void. It's all about believing, after all.