Sunday thoughts about Father's Day

Vegas Golden Knights fans have plenty to be thankful for regarding their dads on Father's Day. Here's a personal tale of being a hockey fan growing up.
Minnesota Wild v Vegas Golden Knights
Minnesota Wild v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Hockey fans everywhere have their stories about how they grew up to love the sport. Whether it's Michigan residents who remember the dominant days of the Detroit Red Wings or the current Las Vegas children and the Vegas Golden Knights, hockey fans will recall the time spent with their fathers at a game. These are cherished memories on Father's Day, celebrating the parental figure in our lives who taught us valuable life lessons.

Of course, that has been a sticking point for many people, myself included, who've gone to numerous sporting events with my father throughout my lifetime. That included a UNLV football game at Sam Boyd Stadium and Red Wings games at Joe Louis Arena, both of which have storied histories.

Therefore, this chapter of "Sunday Thoughts" is dedicated to the stories of the start of my love for the sport. It involves playing hockey video games with my father and going to Joe Louis Arena to watch a dynastic team. Here's what's on the mind and what Vegas Golden Knights fans should think about heading into the work week.

A Father's Day story about me and my father in Michigan

Growing up in Michigan, myself and my family were huge Detroit Red Wings fans. It made sense considering they were the dominant team in the NHL, long before the Vegas Golden Knights were even a concept. My cousin, Ty, was even "the guy" for Detroit during a season, leading them to a playoff appearance.

Of course, when you live in the Midwest, sports is king. It takes precedence over anything else, especially when the teams are dominating the league. Whether it's a Tigers game on Father's Day or going to a restaurant, sports ruled the roost. Mike Ilitch made sure that was the case with the Red Wings, filling his roster with future NHL Hall of Famers.

As for myself and my dad, we would frequent Joe Louis Arena with my sister. One particular game against the Calgary Flames in 1997 stood out. It was when I was exposed to how wonderful the game of hockey was. It showed players moving at high speeds, delivering punishing hits, and making fantastic passes.

Of course, there was also the video games my father got me. That included NHL 99 for the Nintendo 64 and NHL Hitz 20-03 for the Nintendo Gamecube. These games amplified my love for hockey (particularly because I could create a team full of characters from The Simpsons on NHL Hitz 20-03). With incredible soundtracks and smooth gameplay, I was hooked.

Now, that love's translated to the Vegas Golden Knights

Now, that love has translated to the Vegas Golden Knights, where I witnessed a crazy Stanley Cup-clinching party. That love for hockey has led to new opportunities and everlasting friendships. In turn, it's also led to a creative outlet where fans can be informed and entertained.

Of course, that wouldn't be possible without my father, who got me into one of the best sports ever. Hockey, specifically the NHL, has become a part of my life. I wouldn't have it any other way, especially in a budding community that continually grows every day. On this Father's Day, this one's for you, Dad.