Should the Golden Knights sign Sam Carrick?

The Vegas Golden Knights need some depth on their bottom line. Here's why Sam Carrick can be the solution.
Los Angeles Kings v Edmonton Oilers - Game One
Los Angeles Kings v Edmonton Oilers - Game One / Codie McLachlan/GettyImages

Sam Carrick is having a wonderful ride in the playoffs right now. He's in the Western Conference Finals, a far cry from playing in Anaheim. Finally, he has a chance to hoist the Stanley Cup with the likes of Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. Not only that, but he can help end the decades-long title drought in Canada.

So what does he have to do with the Vegas Golden Knights? For one, they're searching for any forward depth at a good price. With five forwards heading out for free agency this offseason, there's some consideration for getting depth pieces to fill the void. That's especially true with contract talks with the "Original Misfit," Jonathan Marchessault, being the main focus.

While the aforementioned "Misfit" will take precedence in Vegas's free agency plans, there's also a case to add more forward depth regardless of what happens. Enter Carrick, who can add much-needed depth to the bottom of the lineup. On top of that, there would be no need to break the bank, for he'd be a low-risk option for a small price.

But what else does the 32-year-old offer for the Golden Knights? What are some downsides to bringing him on board? There are plenty of reasons why acquiring the Edmonton forward on the market makes sense, specifically with his price. Here are the pros and cons of getting the Oilers forward in Sin City.

The pros of signing Sam Carrick

If there's a job title to describe Sam Carrick, it's a professional pest. He antagonizes his opponents to the point of them cracking. It doesn't matter which player that is or what their size is. The native of Markham, Ontario, will go after anybody, making him as annoying as a fly in your ear.

It's the type of role Ryan Reaves played during his tenure with the Vegas Golden Knights. It gave him a cult following among fans, which could also happen with Carrick. After all, it's always the gritty types that endear hardcore hockey fans the most.

But his grittiness goes beyond being a professional jerk to his opponents. He can also body people, with his 167 total hits this season proving his case. Carrick might not be the tallest guy on the ice, standing six feet tall. However, he can lay out people and add depth to the checking line. With his defensive adaptability, he'd become a valuable piece on the lower lines.

The cons

While Sam Carrick does get under his opponent's skin, that can result in taking bad penalties. This season, he had 102 total penalty minutes, "good" for 12th in the NHL. When it's crunch time in the Stanley Cup playoffs and one of your players takes a bad penalty, that could result in losing the game.

There has also been issues with his effort, for he tends to not go hard enough on the ice. The 32-year-old can lag behind on plays, leaving his team at a severe disadvantage. It's a major part of why he's not fetching a major price in the NHL, along with his decision-making and lack of scoring.

The Vegas Golden Knights would also have Paul Cotter fill the role, anyway. He's younger, bigger, more offensively adept, and is scrappy at every turn. Vegas can put more investment in a forward who can impact the team with consistent effort, building him into a regular starter. The same can't be said for Carrick, who could cost Vegas a crucial game during their season.