Should the Golden Knights Go After Corey Perry? The Pros and Cons of Signing Him

With Corey Perry becoming eligible to return to the NHL, he's expected to have some suitors. Should the Golden Knights be one of those potential options?
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For some, it's worth taking a flyer on Perry. Desperate times call for desperate measures, specifically with many Golden Knights dropping like flies. Maybe Vegas can have some of that offensive spark return before the guys return?

However, this would be a short-term move to solve these problems. While the injuries are piling up, the trade deadline is coming up. There, you can get one or two depth pieces to offset these problems. After all, the Golden Knights do have the draft capital to make said trades.

For now, it's probably best to just leave this be. Yes, Vegas is in the middle of a tough stretch of hockey now. However, the distractions and possibility of other issues might be too much to handle. Therefore, Vegas going the trade route is probably the better option.