Should the Golden Knights Go After Corey Perry? The Pros and Cons of Signing Him

With Corey Perry becoming eligible to return to the NHL, he's expected to have some suitors. Should the Golden Knights be one of those potential options?
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2. The Cons of Signing Corey Perry

Corey Perry, Andreas Athanasiou
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Not everything is unicorns and rainbows when it comes to the Vegas Golden Knights signing Corey Perry, though. There are some issues, both with his game and the intangibles associated with signing the former Stanley Cup champ.

For one, he's 38 years old. When the Vegas Golden Knights signed Phil Kessel last season, he was brought on to generate offensive depth for the team. However, Vegas got the sluggish Kessel that ended up not even making the playoff roster. That's basically what the Golden Knights would get with Perry.

You'd also have to consider this little tidbit. Before last season's Stanley Cup Final, Corey Perry was on the losing team for three straight seasons (Dallas Stars, Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning). Do you think the Vegas Golden Knights want that bad juju following them on their quest to repeat?

On that note of repeating, Perry being a distraction might also pose a problem. Vegas is known to be a tight-knit team, not being swayed by outside forces. People thought Jack Eichel would be a cancer to the team. Guess what happened after he was acquired from Buffalo? A Stanley Cup.

But the former first-round pick's problems might be too much to overcome. Bill Foley's team isn't known for being a hotbed for drama and news. It'd be too much of a cultural risk to bring on a distraction that got terminated by the Chicago Blackhawks.