Should the Golden Knights Go After Corey Perry? The Pros and Cons of Signing Him

With Corey Perry becoming eligible to return to the NHL, he's expected to have some suitors. Should the Golden Knights be one of those potential options?
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1. The Pros of Having Corey Perry

Corey Perry
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Fingers are being pointed in all sorts of directions regarding Vegas's recent struggles. Logan Thompson, the defense allowing too many shots, and the special teams are a few of the problems being talked about.

But nobody's talking about offensive inconsistency, In fact, the Vegas Golden Knights have been shut out five times this season. Granted, part of that has been due to injuries. But this team has so much offensive depth that it shouldn't be a problem.

That's why Corey Perry looks so lucrative. He's a former 50-goal scorer that has an excellent offensive IQ. Not only that, but he sees quality scoring opportunities for his teammates, setting them up for success.

He's also shown himself to be a viable power play asset. This is a guy who's scored double-digits in power play goals five times. The Golden Knights can boost their special teams with the right wing player, adding more bite to the man advantage.

The best part about Perry's game is he's not afraid to get down and dirty (not in that sense). The former Hart Trophy winner is willing to sacrifice himself to make a necessary hockey play. Plus, he's known for being a clutch hockey player and scoring big-time goals.

Let's face it: Vegas's offensive issues are much bigger than one would like to think. But Perry can alleviate those problems with his offensive presence. This is especially true if you're missing a chunk of your regular starters, which describes the Golden Knights in the past few seasons.