Scouting the playoff race: Vancouver Canucks

A potential first-round match-up for the Vegas Golden Knights, the Vancouver Canucks might be more challenging than one might think.

Anaheim Ducks  v Vancouver Canucks
Anaheim Ducks v Vancouver Canucks / Ethan Cairns/GettyImages
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3. The verdict

Anthony Mantha, Vasily Podkolzin
Vancouver Canucks v Vegas Golden Knights / Candice Ward/GettyImages

In a potential match-up between these two teams, the Vegas Golden Knights are the more experienced group. They've played together longer and have dealt with more adversity than the Vancouver Canucks. That can benefit the Golden Knights greatly come playoff time.

However, one shouldn't discount the Canucks for being the newer kids on the block. With a plethora of scorers like Hughes, J.T. Miller, and Elias Pettersson, Vancouver is a dangerous team. They can be a tough match-up for any team if they can turn around their special teams.

46-20-8. 104. NHLPP/ESPN+. Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks. VGK -135. 7:00 PM PST. April 2, 2024. 41-25-8. 942