Scouting the Playoff Race: Los Angeles Kings

The Vegas Golden Knights are in a fight to escape the final playoff spot with the Los Angeles Kings. How can they gain the upper hand?
Los Angeles Kings v Vegas Golden Knights
Los Angeles Kings v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Building off the previous scouting report of the Minnesota Wild, the Los Angeles Kings are getting the same treatment. With the Kings tied with the Vegas Golden Knights in the Pacific Division standings (77 points each), the race is going down to the wire.

Before the Vegas Golden Knights made their presence felt in the NHL, the Kings were the premier team on the West Coast. They were stingy defensively, with a nice forecheck and a knack for creating turnovers with ease. That's how they won two Stanley Cups during the 2010s era (2012, 2014).

Let's explore how Vegas can leapfrog Los Angeles in the standings. What will cause trouble for Hollywood's hockey team? What advantages do they have that the Golden Knights should be worried about? Here's a deeper dive into the Los Angeles Kings in the Western Conference race.