Scouting the playoff race: Edmonton Oilers

A familiar foe of the Vegas Golden Knights, the Edmonton Oilers have tons of star power. But can the Golden Knights foil them again?
Edmonton Oilers v Vegas Golden Knights
Edmonton Oilers v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Picture this. Last season, the Vegas Golden Knights and the Edmonton Oilers met in the Western Conference Semifinals. Evander Kane is instigating the entire team, specifically Alex Pietrangelo. The left winger is blowing kisses to the Golden Knights crowd, strategically messing with the Golden Knights.

Why? Because the Edmonton Oilers had a lethal power play (32.4% in 2022-23, best in the NHL). Forcing the Golden Knights to lose their composure would lead to more man advantages, where Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl would cook. In essence, they did exactly that, scoring six combined power goals in the series.

However, the Vegas Golden Knights would get the last laugh, winning the series, 4-2. The rest is history as the Golden Knights won their first Stanley Cup. But both teams are on a collision course to meet in the playoffs again. Will things change this time, or will they stay the same?