Remembering a Former Golden Knight: Max Pacioretty

Max Pacioretty's time with the Vegas Golden Knights was... interesting. What did the former Montreal Canadien contribute to Vegas?

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3. Max Pacioretty's Work Now

Max Pacioretty
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After his 2021-2022 season concluded, Max Pacioretty was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes with Dylan Coghlan for future considerations. The move acted as a salary dump, getting rid of his $7 million cap hit to get under the salary cap. This sparked some choice words from the former Wolverine.

Pacioretty called out the Vegas Golden Knights, accusing them of not "having accountability" when he joined the team. The forward attacked the relaxed atmosphere and compared it to a country club.

After going to Carolina, Pacioretty suffered an Achilles injury. He's now playing for the Washington Capitals, where he re-aggravated that same Achilles. It got to the point where he considered retirement, but he ultimately stuck it out. This season, the Connecticut native has three goals and 13 assists in 30 games.