Remembering a former Golden Knight featuring William Carrier

The "Misfits" are an iconic staple of Vegas Golden Knights history. Here's how one "Misfit" flew under the radar to help them win their first Stanley Cup.
Vegas Golden Knights v Montreal Canadiens
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William Carrier's stats

On paper, William Carrier hasn't done much for the Vegas Golden Knights. Throughout his Vegas career, he's scored 99 points in 372 games. That includes 53 goals and 46 assists, which doesn't inspire much confidence in the average hockey fan. However, there's more to Carrier's production than what meets the eye.

For one, he dealt with numerous injuries during his Vegas tenure. That included upper-body injuries last season, which limited him to only 39 games. That led to him only scoring six goals and two assists in 2023-24, which doesn't amount to much. But the season before was arguably his best.

During Vegas's Stanley Cup season, the center scored 16 goals (career-high) and nine assists in 56 games, providing lower-line scoring for the Golden Knights. He was also a physical body, checking opponents at will. In seven seasons with Vegas, he totaled 1,116 hits, making the Golden Knights into a tough team.

There's much more to Carrier's Vegas career than what's on the surface. He was a big body who could deliver huge checks, making him an imposing threat. He might not be a household name like Marchessault or Fleury. However, he served a purpose that benefitted the Golden Knights, providing depth.