Remembering a former Golden Knight featuring William Carrier

The "Misfits" are an iconic staple of Vegas Golden Knights history. Here's how one "Misfit" flew under the radar to help them win their first Stanley Cup.
Vegas Golden Knights v Montreal Canadiens
Vegas Golden Knights v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages
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The "Golden Misfits" are an iconic staple of Vegas Golden Knights history. They took a team nobody thought would win in their first year and went to the Stanley Cup Final. Although it wasn't the result fans wanted, the "Misfits" set the standard for how Golden Knights hockey should be played.

Take your pick from the various names in the group. Whether it's Marc-Andre Fleury or Jonathan Marchessault, these players helped make Vegas hockey what it is today. They've also earned notable achievements, including a Vezina Trophy and the Conn Smythe Trophy. However, there's one name that doesn't get enough recognition as a "Misfit."

His name is William Carrier and he spent his Golden Knights career grinding it out on the fourth line. He's not as memorable as Marchessault or Fleury because such players have become household names through record-breaking campaigns. Marchessault is the franchise leader in numerous categories, including goals (192) and assists (225). That's the same for Fleury, who also owns numerous franchise records. That includes the all-time save percentage record (.917), GAA (2.41), and saves (5,053).

While they were record-breaking players for the Golden Knights, Carrier deserves some love as well. After all, it's hard coming up with a meme-worthy face after winning the Stanley Cup. So why not honor this "Misfit" with a tribute? Let's look at William Carrier and how he made himself known on the Vegas Golden Knights.

William Carrier's Vegas Golden Knights Origin

William Carrier was originally a rookie with the Buffalo Sabres. He played for them in 2016-17, serving as Jack Eichel's teammate. Here, he scored five goals and three assists in 41 games, including one game-winning goal. But his life would change with an expansion draft happening in June 2017.

The center was selected with the fifth overall pick, giving Vegas lower-line depth. It was the result of Buffalo trading a sixth-round pick in the 2017 NHL Draft for Vegas's right to select Carrier. He was selected before players such as Jonathan Marchessault (eighth overall) and Brayden McNabb (ninth overall).

As mentioned, the Golden Knights made the Stanley Cup Final in their first season. Although they lost to the Washington Capitals in five games, it laid the groundwork for Vegas to become a prominent NHL team. Critics are no longer discounting the new kid on the block, for they're sitting atop the Pacific Division. The former Buffalo Sabre had a part in this uprising, specifically as a fourth-line player. How, you might ask?