Reinforcements Are Coming for the Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights got Adin Hill back last week and are getting William Karlsson back soon. More players are on the way. Why key players returning will--and won't--matter in the race for the Pacific Division... and the Stanley Cup.
Los Angeles Kings v Vegas Golden Knights
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1. Fortune Favored the Vegas Golden Knights

Jonas Rondbjerg
Vegas Golden Knights v New York Rangers / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The aforementioned three players held their ground and kept the Vegas Golden Knights afloat. Whether it was raising the power play or going mano-e-mano with teams like the Boston Bruins, this trio contributed in major ways. As a result, the Golden Knights are still holding second place down in a chaotic Pacific Division.

Yes, you'd rather be first than second. However, that's not always a bad thing, specifically with this veteran group. When you've been battle-tested with players dropping like flies, you know how to handle adversity. That results in going 6-3-1 before the All-Star Break, leaving Vegas firm in the standings.

And guess what? You're getting those key players back soon. Aside from Karlsson returning, Eichel is only expected to miss between four and six weeks. He'll be back before the home stretch gets more difficult. You're getting your franchise player back, which is always good for business.

There's also Shea Theodore waiting in the wings along with Michael Amadio being activated off injured reserve. The Golden Knights are FINALLY getting reinforcements at the right time. Here's why it will matter and here's why it won't.