Ranking the best winger options in free agency for the Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights need some high-profile scoring options that can stay healthy. Who's the best fit for the job?
New York Rangers v Carolina Hurricanes - Game Four
New York Rangers v Carolina Hurricanes - Game Four / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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4.) Tyler Toffoli, Winnipeg Jets

Tyler Toffoli has been in so many places that Johnny Cash would lose his mind naming them all. He's played for the Los Angeles Kings, the New Jersey Devils, and the Winnipeg Jets. Now he's hitting the free agency market, looking for a new team to join. Could the Vegas Golden Knights be another destination?

There are many reasons why he'd be a good fit. For one, he plays both wing positions and can rack up the goals. That's why he scored 33 goals in 79 games this season. That benefits Vegas in many ways, especially when the team goes on cold streaks offensively. Add great fundamentals, such as quality skating and you have a terrific prototype.

One deterrent that might keep the Golden Knights away is a pedestrian two-way game. His main calling card is his offense, specifically since he's not the biggest player around. Therefore, he can be prone to losing the occasional board battle. Toffoli won't be atop the priority list like some players this offseason. However, he can be a fallback option if things go awry in the summer.