Ranking Golden Knight Trade Candidates Based On... Wing Spiciness

The trade deadline is coming, which means players are flying across the NHL. While Vegas is limited in what they can trade for, it doesn't mean we can't dream up some possibilities. Here's who Vegas should consider bringing on board.
Calgary Flames v Arizona Coyotes
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5. Sweet Chili

Sean Monahan
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Teams like the Colorado Avalanche are going to look at Sean Monahan. He's been a decent offensive talent (11 goals, 13 assists) and can be a cheap depth piece that adds a kick for any hockey team. That's why Kelly McCrimmon should be incentivized to go after him.

Monahan is also a nice addition to the power play, for he's contributed plenty for Montreal (five power play goals, six power play assists). The center would be an ideal fit for a Golden Knights team looking for depth pieces. Plus, you'd poach a talent away from a Western Conference rival. Sweet!