Pacific Division Power Rankings: Playoff Edition

The Stanley Cup playoffs are in full effect, with 16 teams vying for supremacy. Where do the four Pacific Division teams lie in the grand scheme?
Los Angeles Kings v Vegas Golden Knights
Los Angeles Kings v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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2. Edmonton Oilers

For the Edmonton Oilers, every year seems like there are lofty Stanley Cup expectations. That's what happens when you have the best top line in the world, consisting of Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, and the rising Zack Hyman. However, the Oilers might be in some trouble against the Los Angeles Kings.

After their shocking Game 2 loss to the Kings on Wednesday, Los Angeles heads back to Arena with home-ice advantage. They're also bringing a hungry appetite, looking to upset the Stanley Cup favorites and end Edmonton's season in a disappointing fashion.

But how can the Oilers figure out the Kings and prevent this from happening? For one, they must play better defensively. This series has been an offensive shootout, with Edmonton holding the slight 11-9 edge. However, one of these teams must clamp down defensively, preventing their opponents from doing anything.

For Edmonton, they must make Stuart Skinner's life easier. That means playing back more and getting to the puck whenever possible. That way, the Oilers can create turnovers at will and generate more opportunities for McDavid and Draisaitl. It's also essential to help with the narrative that the Oilers can't win with the best duo in the NHL. That'll grow louder if Edmonton bows out before the Stanley Cup Finals this season.