Pacific Division Power Rankings: Playoff Edition

The Stanley Cup playoffs are in full effect, with 16 teams vying for supremacy. Where do the four Pacific Division teams lie in the grand scheme?
Los Angeles Kings v Vegas Golden Knights
Los Angeles Kings v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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1. Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights are picking up where they left off from last postseason, dominating the Dallas Stars. They're up 2-0, thanks to a dominating top line, Mark Stone returning, and Logan Thompson in net. Life's good for the defending champions, who are getting everything in sync for another playoff run.

The Golden Knights are benefiting from an air-tight defensive system that takes away quality shots. By aggressively forechecking and taking away shooting lanes, the Golden Knights are settling in and cranking up the pressure. In turn, Vegas is creating turnovers and generating offensive opportunities.

That was on full display in Game 2 when the Dallas Stars gave the puck away nine times. The Golden Knights aren't afraid of letting the Stars shoot, a hallmark of Pete DeBoer-coached teams. Vegas only cares if those shots aren't quality shots, where they can capitalize on their opponent's mistakes.

Some say the Stars-Golden Knights match-up is essentially the Western Conference Finals matchup. Some people are also worried the Vegas Golden Knights are stuck in a harder path by traversing through the Central Division. However, it seems Vegas is throwing all conventional wisdom out the window, looking to repeat with their newfound superteam.