One surprising Golden Knights player who could be traded

People have talked about Shea Theodore being potentially traded from the Vegas Golden Knights. But Brayden McNabb could also be on the list.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
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Will the Vegas Golden Knights move him?

Regarding the rumors of Mitch Marner, there's been the belief that Logan Thompson and Shea Theodore could be part of the deal. It makes sense, for the Vegas Golden Knights might remove these contracts. However, bringing on a bigger contract wouldn't make sense unless another team picks up part of the tab.

So why not pitch Brayden McNabb and Theodore together? Vegas could have a third team involved (i.e. Philadelphia in the Noah Hanifin deal) and have them retain some of the salary. Half would be preferred, which would make it easier to re-sign a particular player.

There's also the surplus of defensemen the Golden Knights have, with Kaeden Korczak waiting in the wings. There are also other prospects such as Lukas Cormier getting ready for the future. Vegas will have more defensive options than they can handle, making this more plausible.

However, there can be an argument made that trading too much defensive depth can hurt them. All of Brayden McNabb's aforementioned attributes would be gone from the Golden Knights, hurting them defensively. Plus, he could be the perfect mentor for Korczak, developing him into a true NHL-ready defenseman.

Whatever the case, McNabb should be a name to watch for in the trading block. He's 33 years old, has a cap hit of $2.85 million, and is in the last year of his current deal. Although teams will be more likely to look at Shea Theodore from a trading perspective, it wouldn't hurt to add the Saskatchewan native.