More NHL Expansion?! Who Would Be the New Rivals in the Pacific?

Rumblings have emerged about potential NHL expansion. Who would be Vegas's new division rivals? What would the new landscape look like?

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4. How This Affects the Vegas Golden Knights

Zach Whitecloud
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For one, the Vegas Golden Knights wouldn't have the western Canadian teams in their division. Now, they can chill in Las Vegas and California, playing their divisional games without a hitch. Let's call it... California Dreamin'.

Plus, you'd have the other current Pacific Division teams in your neighboring division. Vegas wouldn't have to leave the Pacific Time Zone much, which would help the Golden Knights rest. No more having to hop over to the Eastern Time Zone, for that's a thing of the past (unless Vegas goes to the Stanley Cup Finals).

In short, this would work nicely for Sin City's hockey team. Considering the NHL is a physical sport that takes a toll on you, you can't deny this would benefit the Golden Knights. After all, there's nothing better than chilling in Sin City, especially if you're a hockey team.